Manually Cleaned Bar Screen

For the small capacity plants, manually cleaned coarse screen followed by the fine screen is a really good solution. Cleaning of the screens is very simple and easy as they are small in size but great in effect.

Multi Rake Bar Screen

Multi Rake bar screen is a mechanically cleaned screen that is installed in the inlet works of treatment plants, pumping stations, and water inlet structures to capture solid materials which otherwise would be harmful to following processes and to the downstream equipment. Clogging possibility is minimized by using several rakes which are lined on a pair of endless chains instead of one rake which is operated by an arm. Screen opening can be manufactured up to 30 mm, so it can be efficiently used for applications that need small screen opening.

Rotary Drum Screen

The rotary drum screen used for solid removal from wastewater and protection of mechanical equipment follows the screening unit. It is a very effective solid-liquid separation device with an opening down to 0,25 mm. As the dimensions of solid to be retained decrease, cleaning of the surface becomes more important. The cleaning blade ensures an efficient surface cleaning which is supplemented by the backwashing action provided by a flushing nozzle system.