The most serious problem of our Planet in the 21st century is the rapidly depleting natural resources and scarcity of clean water. In 2004, when I started PlanetTEK, my sole purpose was to serve the world and help to save the rapidly disappearing natural resources and make an impact for the better. In order to protect the water sources and be able to reuse the treated wastewater, I wanted to locally manufacture a compact biological treatment unit utilizing a technology which was favored in Europe, USA and Canada. Biodisk technology was using less energy, had smaller footprint, easy-maintenance and was able to serve trouble-free for many years if engineered correctly with the right choice of materials.

This is how PlanetDISK® was born! (You may watch my personal and PlanetDISK’s story “The World Needs “Heroes”” at TEDx Conference by searching key words of “TEDx Aydogan” at YouTube ) I named our company PlanetTEK, TEK meaning the “only one” in Turkish, and shortening for technology in English. The One and Only Planet’s clean water sources are depleting so fast, soon, water would be the most expensive element on the face of the Planet! When I was born in 1960, World’s population was under 4 billion.

Today it is 7 billion and expected to exceed 9 billion by the year 2050! The overall GNP in 1950 was € 4 trillion where today, it is over € 50 trillion.

Hürriyet Necdet Aydoğan

Hürriyet Necdet Aydoğan

Price the world has to pay for such increase is enormous. In the end we might inherit our children and grandchildren the perfect technological products such as smartphones and cars that do not require drivers but would they really thank us for having all of these in a world without clean water resource or clean air to breathe?

After 16 years of many successful implementations, PlanetDISK® has become the Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) brand name of reliable, solid state of biological sewage treatment and recycling systems for capacities between 200 – 20.000 people. For a Planet we can live in, sustainable wastewater treatment technologies are

Success of treatment systems depends on ease of maintenance and low energy cost. Thanks to PlanetDISK®, since 2004, this is exactly what we have
been achieving as PlanetTEK! We are proud of how far we have come and continuously working harder to move further! We thank all the customers who gave us the valuable opportunity to serve the Planet with their trust in our products and service.