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Rotating Biological Contactor RBC has been the preferred sewage treatment method by our client BP for most of their plants all around the world due to its low energy consumption and easy maintenance advantages.  The system is as simple as it gets to operate.  PlanetTEK’s experienced engineers are a great value when you need help!

Berker Evren
Project Coordinator
TEKFEN Construction A.Ş./ Istanbul 2011

There is no odor or noise problem in our PlanetDISK® Wastewater Treatment Plans in our 4 villages.  Energy consumption is low and maintenance is easy.  This is what we need in villages where there are no technical people to operate technical equipment.  We are glad that we chose RBC.
Ahmet ÇETİN  
Deputy Governor of Edirne 2013

As Berggruen luxury summer resort, we are very glad to use PlanetDISK®  since 2010.  Despite the Wastewater Treatment Plant being very near the houses, there is absolutely no odor or noise.  Every summer, we reuse the wastewater for irrigation.
Gamze Tezan
Site Manager

We are a construction company and we do not want to waste any time with things we don’t have any idea about. In the past, we had so much trouble operating most technologies. So we were looking for a sewage treatment system that would be easy to operate and maintain.  PlanetDISK® RBC Sewage Treatment system has low maintenance, no odor & no noise, and low energy consumption advantages.

Thank You PlanetDISK® and the great team of people behind this excellent system!
Eren Öztürk
Project Manager
Mesa Construction A.Ş. / Ankara 2017

In late 2014, Heal Group of Companies made first contact with Hürriyet Necdet Aydoğan and PlanetTEK Inc. Since then built up a good rapport, both at a personal and professional level. We have used their equipment and have added this into our design philosophy to develop a cost-effective and energy-efficient system of treatment. 

It is also well suited for both regional and remote systems and Heal Group of Companies is happy to be associated with Hürriyet Necdet Aydoğan and PlanetTEK Inc. and hopes that this association will continue for many years.
David Herbert,
Heal Group Of Companies
Brisbane Australia  2018

What PlanetTEK has achieved is way beyond any commercial success.  This is a success with moral and ethical values.  Such effort and technology with much positive impact on Planet deserves much appraise.  Congratulations PlanetTEK! Thank you for your efforts for humanity! 
Onursal Alver
Founder & CEO
Verisoft Inc.

Verisoft Inc,

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