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PlanetDISK on the way to Ramallah, Palestine. Would like to express our gratitude to Abaad Contracting and NewTech companies. We thank you for selecting PlanetTEK

Customer Comments

There is no odour or noise problem in our treatment plant. Electrical consumption and mantenance are very advantageous. We are realy glad to choose RBC.

Ahmet ÇETİN Vali A. General Secretary


Edirne İl Özel İdaresi Tarımsal Hizmetler Müdürlüğü

 Treatment plant has 600m3/day capacity for Sultaniçe, Gülçavuş ve Küçükevren villages. Started to work in 2012.

As Berggruen 2 Site, we are so glad to use PlanetDISK® for 6 years.  Despite the plant very near the houses, there is no odour or noise. Electrical consumption of the units are realy low. Every summer we reuse the wastewater for irrigation.

Site Manager

Gamze Tezan

Gümüşlük – Bodrum, 07 March 2016 / Berggruen 2 Site

PlanetDISK® RBC system has low maintenence , no odour & no noise and low energy consumption advantageous. We are thankful for professional approach of PlanetTEK team.

Mesa Mesken San. A.Ş. / 2017

Eren Öztürk

Project Manager

Treatment plant has 80m3/day capacity for Yassıada Menderes Kültür Park constraction for MESA company. Started to work in 2015.

RBC has bee choosen by BP for their facilities all around the world due to its advantageous. low enegy consumption has got our attention. PlanetDISK® is one of the of its kind.

Berker Evren / Istanbul, 29 Kasım, 2011

Project Coordinator

TEKFEN İnşaat ve Tesisat A.Ş.

Treatment plant has bee builded as BP British standarts.

In late 2014 Heal Group made first contact with Hürriyet Aydoğan and PlanetTEK and since then built up a good rapport, both a personal and professional level. We have used their equipment and have added this into our design philosophy to develop a cost effective and energy efficient system of treatment.One our most recent system for Boarder Force for the Australian Government we are achieving effluents sometimes of BOD 10.0 mg/l and Suspended Solids of 15.0 mg/l but generally BOD 15.0 mg/l and Suspended Solids of 20.0 mg/l that more than meets effluent standards.

It is also well suited for both regional and remote systems and Heal Group is happy to be associate with Hürriyet and PlanetTEK and hopes that this association will continue for many years.

David Herbert, Director

Heal Group Of Companies

Barisbane Avustralya

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